Jhumka Indian Spring Lariat

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Leslie Venturoso - Jhumka Indian Spring Lariat.jpg

Jhumka Indian Spring Lariat

from 35.00


Sunday, November 3, 2019 - 10 AM to 4 PM

Channel your inner Bollywood with this stunning lariat that features a Jhumka-style tassel, and a freshwater pearl embellished rope that features bead stations for added interest. Take your skills to the next level with shaped peyote stitch techniques with the look of granulation and create an elegant rope with prismatic right-angle weave.

Students will Learn:  This workshop is ideal for the beader who wants to learn how to create three-dimensional shapes with peyote stitch. The class will also cover how to create the look of granulation with embellishment techniques. Students will also learn how to make a prismatic right-angle weave rope with different shaped bead stations.

Prerequisites:  Proficient with peyote stitch, prismatic right-angle weave, and cubic right-angle weave. Skill Level: Advanced.

Kits will be available in 3 colorways:  Gold/Turquoise/White Pearls, Bronze/Multi color Fire Polish/ Pearls, and Pyrite (charcoal)/Lime/White pearls

Class participants may purchase one kit at the discounted price of $110.

Kits contain 11/0 seed beads, 11/0 Demi beads, Czech pearls, 3 mm fire-polished crystals, crescent beads, and freshwater pearls.

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