Membership in the Florida West Coast Bead Society is $20.00 annually. Our membership year runs from September 1st through August 31st. After March 1st, we offer a pro-rated membership for $10.00, which is good until August 31st. If you attend your first meeting or wish to join in July or August, you can sign up for the upcoming membership year at $20.00 and receive the remainder of July and August as a bonus. You can print out your membership form and bring it with your payment to the next meeting, or mail it to the treasurer at the address on the form. You may also purchase your membership online. If you would like your membership card mailed to you, please include or send a stamped, self-addressed envelope to the address listed on the membership form.

2019-2020 Membership
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Membership includes:

Monthly meetings: We present a beading project for you to learn or a special program for you to enjoy each month, not to mention the great camaraderie and shared expertise of your fellow beading enthusiasts.

Access to our DVD video library: We have a nice selection of beading videos that are available for checkout at each meeting. More information about the library is available here.

Workshops: Priority registration and reduced fees to attend our annual and other workshops with well known national and Florida beading instructors. Workshops are different each year and instructors generally offer two to three or more different projects, some of which may be specially designed for us.

Trunk Sales: We occasionally offer special trunk sales of crystals, beads and other beading supplies for our members. These may be held starting several hours prior to a regularly scheduled monthly meeting, or we may, from time to time, hold it at a different time and place.

Discount at local bead stores: If you show your current membership card at some of our local bead stores, you may be eligible for a 10% discount on purchases. See our current list of local/near area bead stores here.

Participation in our service projects:  Jewelry and other items are made and donated to the gift shop at Sarasota Memorial Hospital; 100% of the proceeds then go to the Oncology Unit for patient care items. We also make a few small items that are given to patients in the Oncology Unit. Another service project is making jewelry and other items for The Pines of Sarasota thrift shops; all of the proceeds go to support the residents. We also do beading projects with residents of The Pines several times a year.  We do monthly beading projects with youngsters at the YMCA children's shelter. We donate beads and jewelry items to Loveland Center of Venice for use in programs with their local and resident clients, as well as help with their weekly beading classes. Go to the "Service Project" tab for more details.